Technology in Education

Tackk is an excellent tool that allows students to create content, collaborate with one another, spark conversations about pressing issues, all while working in a safe, clean environment.

How often do students have the chance to create their own games? What about their own stories? Twine allows students to take literature and convert it to interactive fiction. Check out my very rough version of the beginning of Romeo and Juliet

Let's face it - Google Drive's spell check leaves a lot to be desired. Students can copy and paste their writing into Hemingway and the app will return with suggestions to improve sentence clarty.


I love Hemingway, but it doesn't spell check. For that, I recommend Ginger. It also provides a grammar checker, but I've found that some information can only be retrieved when you buy the advanced version. But for correcting spelling errors, the Ginger Chrome extension is a great tool.

Thinglink allows students to annotate images. I love how it asks students to think in multimedia - a skill that will be crucial for them once they graduate.

With EdX, anyone can take online courses from some of the world's best universities (MIT, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and Cornell are among the content contributors). The courses are all free and allow students to explore personal interests. Recently, they introduced Global Freshman Academy, in partnership with Arizona State University, where students can take full university freshman-level courses for credit at a fraction of the cost, giving students a new opportunity to take college courses. Furthermore, EdX offers courses to help students prepare for the AP tests.

Notable has been one of the biggest enhancements that I've seen this summer. Notable is a PDF viewer with annotation tools. It works on all web browsers. It's completely free, although it has great features if you choose the paid version ($2 per student). It integrates really well with Google Drive and DropBox.

What tools do you use?
What do you want technology to do for you in your classroom?

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