They have a wide stretch of landscapes like a beach line and desert. They have little trees and grass. They have very little water in some places like in the desert and some of the very little wooded grass land.


They wear western style pants and shirts. The woman wear western style dresses. The children wear some like the same of what men and woman wear.


The festivals are according to calendar.They feast at night on this occasion. They do not and will not eat at day time when it comes to this time.

Background History

Somalia has pirates like in the movie Captain Phillips. They have pirates that take over ships and try to take every thing that is worth value. They with take hostages and hold them in some cases.


Afbennair Also is standerd Somalia that is spoken everywhere and Afmaymay. The languages very across the country. At church they have a different language that they use when they study this chapter.


Nearly all are sunni Muslims. A small number go to Christen Church. The Churches where made during the European colonization.


23% of girls and 42% of boy get Education in Somalia. There is very little chance there are not many schools are near Villages far from the others. Some children have to do other thing like getting water and food so they can not take this opportunity.


There are many old churches and buildings and very good home cooked food. There are nice ocean lines that you can visit.

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