Keith Respendstor

An Experienced Chief Executive Officer

About Keith Respendstor

Keith Respendstor, an individual with more than two decades of business experience, works for KR Transfer, a firm based in Chicago, as its CEO. His responsibilities include working closely with the executive director in managing the budget and conducting general fiscal planning linked to employee payouts and benefits. Further, Keith Respendstor oversees financial assessments and forecasts and uses the data to determine whether or not the company met or exceeded operational goals. He also helps attract new business to the firm. Prospective KR Transfer clients can reach the CEO by calling 773-885-4659.

Complementing his financial duties, Keith Respendstor reconstructed the firm's human resources capabilities as part of a general project to improve efficiency and internal communication. His duties also include working with his executive team on issues related to long-term operational excellence and risk management.

In his private life, Keith Respendstor (773-885-4659) enjoys playing frisbee and honing his marksmanship skills through archery. Further, he practices martial arts and appreciates a fine cigar.

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