Keith Scribner

Respected Spokane Commercial Developer

A well-established presence in the Spokane Washington business community for over 30 years, Keith Scribner, trustee of the Keith R Scribner Trust, thru affiliated limited liability companies, controlled by Scribner Investment Companies, accessible at, own a number of property investment LLC's. Marketing the properties is Northwest Real Estate Equities LLC, or NRE LLC, a Washington LLC, ( NRE LLC contractually manages and maintains commercial real estate throughout eastern Washington. Some of Keith Scribner’s notable associated projects include a nearly 150,000-square-foot Wal-Mart store completed in 2012, built on property owned by NNN Development LLC. Also on the NNN Development LLC developed property, is major retailer Mattress Firm which has recently opened a new store on an entrance parcel to the Walmart anchored development.

Keith Scribner comes from a long line of family military heritage that stretches back to a direct ancestor, Sir Thomas Scriven of Shropshire, Lord of Frodesley Manor Estate, who was knighted by King Charles I of England. His father, sergeant Eugene Francis Scribner, continued in this tradition as a U.S. Army sergeant, who served in the Korean War. Receiving military honors for heroism, he was the only survivor of a squad that sustained nighttime sniper fire. Mr. Scribner and his wife Leilani support several dozen charitable organizations, including the Morning Star Boys Ranch, the Wishing Star Foundation, and the Ronald McDonald House to name a few.