Vidizi Review – The Key Factor to Profit-Pulling Promotional Videos

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The first thing that we do is take a step back from the website and really think about the goals for the business and their long-term strategy.
Vision Comes First A lot of people make the mistake split-testing straight-away. That often leads to problems later down the line. We always start with the vision and strategy for the business. You must know how you’re actually going to measure success. Ultimately, the reason you split-test a website is to get it to the point where you want it to be, dominating your marketplace or vidizi review . So, it all starts with the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and the strategy. Are you optimizing the website to get more email opt-ins? Are you optimizing the website to get a better lifetime customer value? Average order value? Number of sales? Number of free trial users? Different websites have different goals. Obviously, you need to optimize to the right goal.
Focus on Funnels Once you’ve agreed what the goals for the test are, the next thing you need to do is figure out what part of the vidizi review to work on first. All web businesses have different pages, different opportunities. If you work on a homepage, a product page, a squeeze page, a thank you page, a shopping cart, an email auto-responder sequence, a refer-afriend program – all of those areas are a huge opportunity for any business. But you really need to focus on one part of the conversion funnel at a time. We recommend that you sketch out your whole conversion funnel. Do it on a whiteboard if you have to.

Blocked Arteries You need to analyze your conversion funnel for two things. The first thing you need to look for is what we call blocked arteries. Blocked arteries are parts of your web business that are essential for you to make money, but for whatever reason, you’re having people abandon at those points. So, look for the blocked arteries, where you’re leaking money.

Missing Links The other thing we look for is what we call missing vidizi review . Missing links are parts of you conversion funnel that don’t yet exist, but that would add value if they were implemented. One example of a missing links would be the lack of an up-sell or a cross-sell through the shopping cart process – turning a one-stage sale into a multi-stage sale. Another would be the lack of a refer-a-friend program on the thank you page.

Set Priorities You want to focus on the part of your conversion funnel that has the biggest financial opportunity, but that is also easy to make changes to. It’s really important to analyze it for both of those purposes. With most websites, the big opportunities tend to be in areas that can be difficult to make changes to – either technically or politically. So, you really want to focus on the things that you can make changes to immediately. Then agree on what page or page elements you’re going to be focusing your efforts on.

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