By: Cassidy Luecke

The shape of Belgium in the flag's colors


       The flag of Belgium was adopted in the year 1831 after Belgium won it's independence. The black, gold, and red stand for Belgium's Coat of Arms. Black represents the shield, gold stands for the lion, and the red stands for lion's tongue and claws.

Coat of Arms

       Belgium's Coat of Arms has  the same colors as the flag, and is represented by the flag. On it is a lion in charge! The formal name is Leo Belgicus, meaning Belgium Lion in Latin. The motto of the Coat of Arms is, "Unity makes Strength."

Belgium's Coat of Arms

History Timeline

1795 - Belgium becomes a part of France

1797 - Austria surrenders to Neapolitan

1814 - Neapolitan leaves his throne

1821 - Neapolitan dies

1830 - Belgium won their independence

1914-18 WWI begins and Germany invades

1920 - Belgium forms an alliance with France

1944 - Allied forces liberate Belgium (That means save)

1951 - Belgium assumes kingship

Physical Geo

      Belgium has three Geo regions, the Coastal Plain, Central Plateau, and the Sand Dunes.  The highest point is Signal de Botrange at 694 m. (2,277 ft) The lowest point is De Moeren  at -3 m. (-10 ft) Flooding is also very common. The climate is a maritime temperate. The average temp in January is -3° C (37.4°F) and 18° C in July. (64.4°F) Usually the winters are mild but very low temperatures. Summers are usually medium but can rise to 30° C. (86°F)

Latitude: 50.8500° N

Longitude: 4.3500° E


           Belgium is a Monarchy, which means that the country is ruled by a monarch. (King and Queen) The King of Belgium is King Philippe of the Belgians and the Queen is Queen Mathilde of the Belgians. Through 2010-11, Belgium had a government shutdown. 20 months (589 days) went by without government in Belgium, which caused a whole country crisis! But in 2011 it ended.

Imports and Exports

Imports:                                                      Exports:

Raw materials                                                 Machinery

Machinery                                                       Foodstuff

Chemicals                                                        Metal

Raw Diamond                                                 Chemicals


Transportation Equipment

Oil Products


         The current population in Belgium is about 11,155,000.  Although, Belgium is not the one of the most, populated country in Europe, the country's population has increased overtime. It went from 10,840,000 in 2010 t0 11,095,000 in late 2012. The country has a high population density rising at 364 people/square kilometer. (942 square/mile)

Tourist Attractions (Points of Interest)

French Fries!!

      Believe it or not, french fries didn't come from France, they came from Belgium! In the 17th century, during the cold and harsh winters, fish and meat could not be obtained because all the fish and animals were either hibernating or dead. So, Belgians took potatoes, cut them into a fish type shape, and fried them. That's basically what Belgian Fries are. Then why are they called "French Fries?'' Well, people debated if french fries came from Belgium, or France. So the name, "french fries" was given by mistake. But it would be very weird if from now on we went to McDonalds and asked for a side of large Belgian fries.

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