Eat, drink, be merry + tackk
about our wedding.

Create a Tackk with photos, videos, stories + messages for happily ever after.

Welcome to the #KeldanWedding.

Phones, digital cameras and social media have changed the way we look at weddings. Literally. We get to see so many different perspectives from all our beautiful guests. If those guests share their pics where we can see them.

Well, we don't want to miss a thing and would like you to tackk about your night at our wedding. It's pretty simple. Here's how:

  • Visit and create a new Tackk.
  • On your Tackk, upload photos, videos, Vines and Instagrams from your phone OR upload photos from your digital camera once you get home.
  • Finish the Tackk with optional text, captions, more photos, stories, colors, fonts and backgrounds... on-the-go OR once you get home.
  • Make sure your Tackk is tagged (at the very bottom) with #KeldanWedding.
  • Click the blue FINISH button. Go back to add and edit as often as you'd like Saturday night or any night after that.
  • Stay tuned to the #KeldanWedding Tackkboard (collection of guests' posts) to see what everyone's tackking about. You can create as many as you'd like!

You don't have to create an account to make a Tackk, but you should. It's quick, simple, and your Tackk will last forever. Plus, you can upload from your phone and then type from your computer. Here's some scoop on mobile-Tackking.

Here's your heads up to check out Tackk! Create an account. Maybe start your Tackk ahead of time! Just be ready to Tackk the heck out of the #KeldanWedding.