Kelley Hamilton Bonaventure

CEO at Bonaventure Construction LLC

About Kelley Hamilton Bonaventure

Kelley Hamilton, CEO of Bonaventure Senior Living in Salem, Oregon, brings over 15 years of experience to his career leading companies within the senior housing industry. After founding and leading a private real estate consultancy for several years, he joined Bonaventure in 2001. Kelley Hamilton immediately set to work expanding the brand by developing and opening high-end senior living communities throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and other states in the Pacific Northwest and Western United States.

Presently, the real estate and senior living expert coordinates the day-to-day operations for close to 4,500 units spread across six different states from Washington in the north to Nevada in the south. He also serves as CEO of Bonaventure’s private development firm and construction company, and he represents the firm as a member of several professional associations.

Outside of the office, Kelley Hamilton actively serves in health care-oriented nonprofit groups. He previously sat on the board of directors of the Washington Healthcare Association. For many years, he also operated as an affiliate member of The Appraisal Institute, a professional organization that supports best-practice standards among appraisers and real estate consultants.

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