Attorney Kelly Testolin Reno NV - Comprehensive Experience in Health Care

For more than 40 years, Kelly Testolin has focused his law practice entirely on health care law. He has represented numerous health care providers, as well as long-term care providers, and has extensive experience in making presentations to licensing boards and regulatory agencies. Attorney Kelly Testolin commands an in-depth knowledge of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Medicare and Medicaid legislation, and all areas of the Affordable Care Act.

Kelly Testolin has advised clients on a variety of issues related to compliance, confidentiality, facility operations, insurance fraud, and employment. Also adept at advising health care companies on mergers and consolidations, he has facilitated more than $1 billion in corporate financing to date. Before opening his current practice, Mr. Testolin served as general counsel with Renown Health, which he joined following a successful tenure as a partner in the Nevada firm of Hale Lane Peek Dennison and Howard. Balancing his practice with public appearances as a seminar and workshop leader, he has also authored such professional publications as the Nevada Hospital Association's Consent and Medical Information Privacy Manual.

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