Ken Baxter Las Vegas

Las Vegas Real Estate Broker and Nonprofit Leader

About Ken Baxter Las Vegas

Educated at Brigham Young University, business professional Ken Baxter of Las Vegas has enjoyed a successful career in the real estate industry. He started his career as the founder and owner of PMA Realty, working as a real estate broker, in 1973. As the leader of PMA Realty, Ken Baxter oversaw new home sales, short sales, retail, escrow, and several other real estate and business functions, and is number one in new homes sales in Las Vegas for two decades.

More recently, Baxter has founded several charitable foundations, including Green Global, the K&L Baxter Family Foundation, and Made in America. These organizations work toward causes about which Baxter is passionate, including sustainable environmental practices, climate change reversal, and American manufacturing, in hopes of resuscitating both the planet and the economy. Through his work with these nonprofit groups, he is able to share his passion for these opportunities with others and educate them on ways they can make crucial positive changes in the world.

Ken Baxter is the driving force marketing patriotic spending for domestic goods and services Made in America. A 5% increase in Americans purchasing USA made will result in over 2,000,000 new jobs for America's workforce. His Education Reform is paving the way for closing the Skills gap by initiating our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)programs in at risk public schools nationwide K thru 12 grade. As the Champion Leader Ken Baxter has become a member of the Manufactures Leadership Council of America and he and his wife Linda Baxter have been elected to the Advisory Board for the Council founded by Frost and Sullivan.

Inasmuch as Ken Baxter is the First Founder of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, Ken is hoping to blast off to outer space on Spaceship 2 on the Maiden Voyage in 2014. VSS Enterprise is completely manufactured in USA. The Virgin Galactic private enterprise Rocket Ship program in on target to take 10,000 space tourists to the heavens over a 10 year period. This monumental events will change the way we travel forever.

Having returned from the Amazon expedition in March 2012 it became self-evident to Ken Baxter that something had to be done to save this Magnificent and important River System that will be totally destroyed in less than 20 years if we do not do something about it. The Green Global cause is centered on reducing the human footprint that is creating the climate change catastrophe. Close

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