K-12 mLearning Tools

iWrite Words

What is this? iWrite Words is an app that helps kids learn how to write letters of the Alphabet and spell words.

How can it be used? iWrite Words could be used to help young students learn how to spell things like their names. It would be a great way for students to practice the proper way to make a letter. In a classroom setting a teacher could use this app and let the students practice their spelling words for the week.

On this day...

What is this? On this day... is an app where you can view a calendar and choose various years, days, and months and when you select one you can view historical events, births and deaths that took place on that day. With each fact also comes a hyperlink with more articles on the topic.

How can it be used? On this day... could be used in a Social Studies class where the students are given or choose a date of interest and they have to see what happened that day and then come back to share with the class. Students would have fun seeing what history has taken place on certain days like their birthday and other important dates to them.

The Chemical Touch

What is this? The Chemical Touch is an app where you can learn about the different chemicals of the periodic table. You can find out things like the properties of the shape, the structure, and so much more.

How can it be used? The Chemical Touch could be used to help students in grades 10-12 learn about the periodic table. With this tool students can work on their own pace while doing work in and out of class. They can also use this app as a guide to help when they get stuck and have no one to ask. This could also make for a fun project where students got to create the shapes of a chemical with the appropriate bonds and shapes.

Free Books

What is this? Free Books is an app where you can access 23, 469 classic books that on any mobile device.

How can it be used? Free Books could be used in any school making it easier and mobile for students to have access to required class readings like Shakespeare. This would be a great way to encourage reading anywhere at anytime. This also means that losing library books or wrecking them can't happen, cutting costs for students and schools to spend money on things like buying more mobile devices for learning in their classrooms.

Instruments in Reach Basic

What is this? Instruments in Reach Basic is an app where you can learn the fingerings or positions of an instrument.

How can it be used? Instruments in Reach Basic would be perfect for a band class just starting out. Some students may have experience with instruments while other students will be completely new to the experience. With this app students are able to play instrument they choose because it teaches students how to read their instruments notes and the proper fingerings or positions for each. In a band the number of students can range from small to large and with only one teacher it's hard to teach each instrument accordingly. This app could be used by the students in class when they aren't sure or at home when they are practicing.


What is this? Dictionary.com is an app where you have access to a dictionary and thesaurus on a mobile device.

How can it be used? Dictionary.com could be used in class when students are writing an essay of any kind. The neatest thing about this app is that it can be used offline which means that they could use it during a test too because they wouldn't have access to the internet.


What is this? MeeGenius is an app for young children to help them learn how to read. They have access to a wide variety of books with pictures, read-along narration and word highlighting.

How can it be used? MeeGenius could be used when the student have free time to read. They could plug in head phones and practice their reading skills. This is also a great way for students to read on the go and at home.

Kids Math Fun

What is this? Kids Math Fun is an app that is tailored to each grade and the type of mathematics they would be working on. In this app students can choose their time limit or practice "Minute Math" to see how many questions they can answer at a time. Students also have a chance to do their corrections when they get a question wrong. This app also gives scores, showing how many they get right and wrong and the time it took.

How can it be used? Kids Math Fun could be used in the classroom as a practicing tool for "Minute Math" and then used in the classroom for the test. Teachers would be able to record the scores and while doing so students would be able to do their corrections.

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