Wonder Project by: Kendall

Character's tie to theme!!

I think Via's over all theme was she is loved.  I think this because her boyfriend Justin came along and he loves her, her mom loves her, and  August loves her.  Via realized she was loved.  In the beginning she thought she was all alone and her family was the solar system and her little brother August was the sun and her family were planets orbiting the sun.  She thought her family just didn't care.  Via finally learned her family cared when their dog Daisy died.  Her family started to comfort her and pay attention.

Character Influences!!

I think the character Via influenced the most was August, her little brother.  I think this because  she sat down with him during the book and talked to him when he was crying about someone hurting his feelings and said don't cry because people in this world are always going to hurt your feelings.  You will just have to ignore them she said.  I think Justin influenced Via the most because he showed Via she was important.  Via did not think she was that important.  I think these three characters ( Justin, Via, and August) all learned that they are there for each other and are not alone.

Art representation!!

I chose this piece called Blue Water Lillies by: Monet.  I chose this because the water lily on the very bottom right corner represents Via floating away from her family because she thought her family didn't care about her at all, although in the end of the book she got closer to her family.