Kenneth Corse MD

Kenneth J. Corse, MD, of New York: Emergency Physician and Radiologist

Prior to entering the field of Radiology, Kenneth J. Corse II, MD practiced Emergency Medicine in the states of VA, GA, and NY. In 2013, Dr. Kenneth Corse completed an ACGME approved radiology residency at SUNY Upstate Medical Center - the same institution where he received his medical degree. Ken Corse's diagnostic imaging training at this large facility exposed him to many unique and diversified cases, which broadened his skill set and knowledge in his new career. For the presentation of one such case, Dr. Corse was presented with the Best Case Award for the Musculoskeletal division at the AIRP conference. He also obtained experience in light interventional radiology procedures, drawing upon the manual dexterity developed through the many procedures performed during his career in emergency medicine. Dr. Kenneth Corse is now board certified in diagnostic radiology, reads all modalities including Mammography and performs light IR.