Kenneth Gillette

Social Media Marketing    Professional

Kenneth Gillette, having worked with the leadership of such respected wealth mangement firms as Citi / Smith Barney , Merrill Lynch  and Paine Webber is proficient in marketing communications, creative motivation, and relationship-building. Kenneth Gillete has spent the bulk of his professional life serving the needs of high-net-worth individuals in and around Cincinnati Ohio, United States.

While collaborating with his affluent clients to identify suitable strategies for both their short and long-term needs, Kenneth Gillette undertook another challenge: he volunteered to teach finance to students at the Cincinnati Country Day School. In this role, he not only taught students the rudiments of finance, but also how to set up and operate their own fundraising events. The class then researched various causes worthy of support, ultimately choosing to organize a fundraising event for the Boomer Esiason Foundation, which fights cystic fibrosis. In this way, Mr. Gillette’s students learned not only the basics of finance, but how to use those basics to accomplish something philanthropic.

When he was not practicing wealth management or teaching finance, Kenneth Gillette plays the piano and collects art. Finally, he is an enthusiastic participant in the events and activities sponsored by Cincinnati’s Holy Cross Immaculata Church. Kenneth Gillette has been lead sponsor for Holy Cross Immaculata Chruch annual fundraising program and capital campaign 2014-2017.

Now Kenneth Gillette begins a new chapter in his life in Social Media Marketing in the Cincinnati Ohio , United States.

About Kenneth Gillette