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Coin collectors often love coins as much for their value as art as for their value as collectibles, or as relics of the past. People who are new to the hobby are sometimes astonished to learn how much money an old coin might be appraised at, or how much it can command at auction. And they are equally puzzled about why collectors are willing to pay so much for a prized coin.

The value of old and rare coins tends to fluctuate. But some of the most prized coins from America's past are going to command top dollar no matter what. One of the oldest and most valuable is the 1794 Silver Dollars, which has been sold for as much as 2.1 million dollars.

An 1870s Three Dollar gold piece has a confusing backstory. Records show that only one specimen of this gold coin was struck, and then sealed in the cornerstone of the San Francisco Mint that same year. And yet another of the coins turned up nearly forty years later, and in 1982 sold for what was then the stunning sum of $687,500 at auction. That value has gone up, and at last report was valued at two and a half million dollars.

That's a lot of money for a three dollar coin, but it doesn't even come close to being the most valuable American coin there is. The 1804 Ten Dollar gold piece has sold for eight and a half million dollars. But even that isn't close to being the all-time champ. The most valuable American coin known is the 1804 Silver Dollar. A specimen in mint condition can be worth as much as forty-seven million dollars. One of the reasons for this is that only nineteen copies are known to exist.

The professionals at Kenneth G Rare Coins in Mishawaka, Indiana are highly knowledgeable about rare coins, and are always interested in buying dollar coins, paper money, and proof and mint sets.

Kenneth G Rare Coins - Coin Grading

Experienced coin collectors say that people who are just getting interested in building a first coin collection should find out what it is about coins that most interests them, and start their collection based on that. It might be coins from around the world, or nickels from the 1930s, or paper money. But whatever it is, that should be the initial step.

To understand what makes a coin a collectible, it's important to get an understanding of grading. This is a measurement of the physical condition of the specimen, whether it's a coin or a bank note. Examine its state of preservation compared to one in new, original condition. Most collections prefer well-preserved specimens because more of its original detail is still there. The better the condition the higher the grade, and the higher the grade, the higher its price is going to be.

Most beginning collectors start out with coins or paper money that is less expensive and lower graded, until they have a better sense of their level of interest. It's always an option to upgrade the collection as time goes by and as your budget allows. This is where experience comes into play. There is always the danger that a collector is going to buy a specimen that is over-graded or misdescribed. To avoid this pitfall, it's important to learn as much as possible about coin collecting in general and grading in particular so that you can objectively evaluate a coin's market value.

The professionals at Kenneth G Rare Coins have long experience in the field and built their reputation on honesty and integrity. Their interest in coin collecting goes back to their childhoods. The staff always offers a competitive rate and shares their many years of experience to those who bring in their coin collections.

Kenneth G Rare Coins

Kenneth G Rare Coins - Women, Men and Jewelry

It may sound sexist, but it is probably true that generally speaking, women know more about jewelry than men do. Women tend to wear more jewelry than do men, and to have treasured collections in a jewelry box at home.

The best way to grow a jewelry collection is by developing your own style, and buying those pieces that mean the most to you. There are a couple of ways to look at it. One is the "classic" approach, which means buying those pieces that are timeless. That could mean anything from a sophisticated watch, to strands of pearls of different lengths, to simple gold chains, and diamond hoop or stud earrings. There are those who would consider these the jewelry essentials.

The other approach is to buy those things that really mean something to you, and excite you. But when all is said and done, building a jewelry wardrobe is about personal style, and what your clothing and accessories, like jewelry, tell the world about you. Most jewelry collections aren't built from scratch, but are amassed slowly over the years. Often they are started or augmented by family heirlooms that are handed down from generation to generation. Themes emerge, like jewelry from the American Southwest, or animal trinkets. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Of course, many men are not clueless when it comes to jewelry, and buying a piece for a wife, girlfriend or significant is other is usually considered one of the most thoughtful and romantic gestures a man can make. Nothing can express lasting love better than a carefully chosen ring, necklace or bracelet.

The professionals at Kenneth G Rare Coins, in Mishawaka, Indiana, understand the magic of jewelry, and a bit part of their business is dealing in used value. They love to appraise jewelry that might appear to have lost its market value, and tell customers to bring in those pieces that are bent, broken, or otherwise in less than perfect condition for a free appraisal.

Kenneth G Rare Coins

Three Tips for Selling Gold for Cash

Selling gold is an easy way to get some quick cash. According to an ABC report, the price of gold has been on the rise since the beginning of 2011, meaning that selling your gold per ounce will allow you to bring home a nice amount of cash. Sellers should beware of some buyers, though, making it important for sellers to do some homework before agreeing to a transaction. Here are three tips for selling gold.

Sellers need to understand how the scales work. Gold is priced by the ounce, the value of your gold is determined by its weight. Jewelers do not use regular scales. There are 28 grams to the ounce, and jewelers use a measurement called a Troy Ounce, which is equivalent to 31.1 grams per ounce.

Some jewelers use a weight system called pennyweight and 1 standard gram actually equals. 1.555 pennyweight grams. This is an easy way for jewelers to pay less for the weight of gold.

Sellers should not let jewelers weigh gold of different karat value. The purer the gold, the more valuable it is, which is why sellers want to measure their gold in groups of karat value. This way they are maximizing the amount of money they bring home.

Sellers should call a local jewelry store or go to to find out the market price of gold on that specific day. This way sellers know the exact value of their gold before they go into the store and they can monitor the price of gold to determine which day is best to sell their gold. Sellers can maximize the value of their gold if they are patient. They could also lose money if they wait too long though.

Kenneth G. Rare Coins buys and sells precious metals, jewelry, and coins and currency. They have two locations in Mishawaka, Indiana.

Kenneth G Rare Coins

Three Tips for Understanding the Value of a Coin Collection

Kenneth G Rare Coins

To understand the value of a coin collection, it is important that the collector understands what exactly is in their collection before getting the collection appraised. This will inform them what to look for when the collection is being appraised, it will let them know if they are being given a fair value, and it will tell them about the dealer that is appraising their collection. Here are three tips for getting a collection valued and appraised.

  • Separate the coins that are aesthetically pleasing from the not aesthetic pleasing coins. Although there may be some rare and in demand coins in the pile of less aesthetically pleasing coins, they are likely to be given a lower value because of their condition. Separating coins into groups will allow for a smoother process and it will make it easier to sell a collection.
  • When getting coins appraised, if the collector comes to learn that they are in the possession of a rare coin, they should get these coin authenticated before continuing with the valuation process. Having a coin authenticated is insurance for the dealer and they will be willing to offer a higher valuation of the coin and the collection.
  • Collectors should do research on dealers, appraisers, and coin companies before deciding who appraises their collection. Choose the dealer who as the most experience in the coin business. There are many people who are knowledgeable collectors but lack the experience required to properly appraise a collection.

Kenneth G. Rare Coins purchase and sell coins and currency. They started out collecting coins as children and have turned their hobby into a business.

Marketing Tips for Jewelry Companies

Jewelry companies have the unique opportunity of being able to market themselves in a personal way that is recognizable and relatable to potential clients. One challenge that jewelry companies face is distinguishing themselves from the competition. Here are three tips for jewelry companies who are looking to market their products and reach out to a larger client base.

  • Jewelry companies should tell a story when they are marketing their products. Jewelry is very personal to people so giving the product a story will make customers feel more attached to the jewelry. Using a personal story is a good way to market jewelry because it humanizes the company and tends to draw in loyal customers.
  • Social media is a good way to brand jewelry, but the message used in social media must be genuine. Sales pitches do not work on social media. Personalizing your message, as discussed above, is perfect for social media marketing because people are looking for an interesting story. Maintaining a steady presence on social media is important if a jewelry business plans to use social media is a marketing tool.
  • Jewelry sellers should develop websites where they give a detailed description of the inventory that they have in stock. These descriptions should include dimensions, prices, the materials used, and other details. This helps the customer make informed decisions and will draw them into the store. Giving a little backstory on the jewelry can't hurt either.

Kenny G. Rare Coins sells and buys jewelry, coins and currency, and precious metals. They have two locations in Mishawaka, Indiana.

Kenneth G Rare Coins

Three Reasons to Support Local Businesses

Large chains are popping up all over the country offering cheaper, but good quality products. These chains are beneficial for this who live on a tighter budget and for those who have a busy schedule because they can do bulk shopping trips. This comes at a cost for locally owned businesses, though. Here are three reasons why it is important to support locally owned businesses.

  • Shopping at locally owned businesses is a good way to help the community to prosper, develop a character, and become more tightknit. There are many locally owned stores that are one-of-a-kind businesses and sell very specific products. These products may be a little pricier, but they money spent on them goes directly back to the community. This cannot be said when purchases are made at large chain stores.
  • Locally owned businesses develop vibrant town centers, link neighborhoods, and build a stronger community. Having a cluster of locally owned businesses located in the same area will bring the community together and encourage people to support more local causes. Local businesses help communities develop a sense of care for each other.
  • Locally owned businesses ensure that business decisions made in the community are made with the best interest of the community in mind. Large chains will do what is best for their corporation because that is whom they serve. Local businesses serve the community; therefore the decisions they make will benefit the community.

Kenneth G. Rare Coins is a local business in Mishawaka, Indiana. They own two locations and have been in businesses since 2007.

Kenneth G Rare Coins

Kenneth G, Rare Coins and the Elkhart Club

Kenneth G has long been a supporter of community endeavors in Indiana and is a longstanding member of the Elkhart Coin Club, but also respects the work of the Rotary Club that bears the same name. He is particularly interested in the service that they offer to the local community, which stretches beyond rare coins and into other social causes.

The Elkhart Club has a long-standing tradition that stretches back to 1917, when the first provisional meeting of the club was held at Hotel Buckles. In that first meeting, President of Sideway Mercantile Co. Peter C. Kendall was elected president of the group and they quickly started work on a range of projects.

They started small by buying seeds and hiring local men to tend the gardens, but soon began to wield influence on other projects. For example, they were a key part of determining the most acceptable westerly route for the Lincoln Highway, with a presentation given by the club influencing the construction of Route 33.

The club has produced four district governors since those humble beginnings and continues to work on various projects with the aim of improving the community. They established a Boy Scout program in 1919 after agreeing to pay the Scout Master’s salary, with members eventually building a mess hall at Camp Eagle for the Scouts.

Kenneth G Rare Coins is often humbled by the group’s efforts to improve Indianapolis and though his knowledge of rare coins is not often called upon by the group, his giving nature and sense of community spirit makes him a trusted member.

Kenneth G Rare Coins

Kenneth G on How to Find Out if Your Coins are Rare

With so many different variations of coins floating around, it can often be difficult to determine just how rare yours happen to be. Kenneth G has worked with a number of customers to find out information about their coins and has developed a few tips for people who simply need to know what they have in their possession.

Speak To the Experts

It may seem like a simple step, but many people who are not experienced in the coin industry do research on their own and sometimes end up with an inflated view of their coins rarity or worth. Instead, try taking the coin to an expert and getting their opinion on it. In many cases they will be able to tell you exactly what you have in your possession. If they need to go and do further research, the odds are high that you have something exceptional.

Check the Date

A good general rule of thumb to follow when collecting coins is the older the coin, the higher the value. While this isn’t true in all cases, if you have a pre-20th century coin the odds are fairly high that the coin is fairly rare, simply because it will no longer be in circulation anymore.

The Demand

When working with rare coins, Kenneth G Rare Coins has established that increased demand often means that a coin is in particularly short supply. If you do a little research and find that a lot of people are searching for the coin that you currently have, you can feel fairly assured in the fact that the coin is rare.

Kenneth G Rare Coins

Rare Coins and Small Business With Kenneth G

Though Kenneth G works in something of a specialized industry, there is still plenty of advice that the company has to offer when it comes to starting a small business. Whether it’s rare coins or an entirely different product, the following tips should always be kept in mind.

Understand Your Industry

If you set up a business without the proper industry knowledge, you are putting yourself in a bad position from the start. While there are many things that you will learn along the way, your knowledge about the service you provide to customers should not be one of them.


Effective budgeting is something that many new small business owners struggle with. You need to understand where your money is going at all times and what the return on each investment is going to be. If you buy high and sell low, you’re going to find your business struggling very quickly. A good tip is to use the high end estimates for expenses and the low end for revenue, then adjust your budget accordingly.

Focus on Customers

In the early days of a business, you won’t necessarily have the marketing muscle to establish websites and other campaigns. This means you need to place focus on the initial customers and make sure that they leave happy every time. They will spread the word amongst friends and you will be on your way to building a loyal customer base.

Learn From Mistakes

Regardless of the amount of experience the staff have with rare coins, Kenneth G has not always been perfect. If you have a bad experience with a customer or something goes wrong behind the scenes, be sure to learn from the mistake in order to grow as a person and improve the business in the long run.

Kenneth G Rare Coins

Working in the rare coins industry requires a lot of expertise, so it is important to find employees who will represent your store well. Kenneth G Rare Coins has an educated and dedicated staff, with all employees having the following traits.

Eager to Learn

Nobody knows everything about coins, so it is important that your employees show and eagerness to learn, both from you and through their own research. Customers may be put off by an employee that is not able to answer their questions, so make sure that everybody you hire will put the work in.


Customer service is extremely important in any retail store, so employees should always approach people with a smile. They should be willing to help in any way that they are able, so that the customer leaves happy and comes back when they need your services again.


If an employee is not committed to the company and is values, they are unlikely to offer their best when they come into work. Your staff should believe in the goals that the company has in order to do what needs to be done to achieve them.


Hiring for retail can be difficult, but it is made more so when working in the rare coins industry. Kenneth G looks for staff members who have credentials in a number of different areas, including experience working in retail and a personal interest in coins. While it is not always possible to find staff members who have absolutely everything needed, it is possible to find people with a good foundation that can be built on with training and experience.