Kenneth H.
ACA Technology
5th Period

5 Digital Safety Tips

What exactly IS Digital Netiquette? Well, my fellow Internet user, here's a definition.

------------------------------------------------------     Tip #I: Don't Be "Stalk Worthy"

     Believe me, you do NOT wanna be stalked. It's happened to me before. Being stalked is one of the creepiest feelings I've felt in my short lifetime. After that, I yelled at my mom to get me a phone. (She didn't get it.) Being stalked on the Internet is even worse. You can't ever find them, unless you have an IP checker or something. Then again, if they could stalk you on the Internet, they might as well be able to change their IP Address.

-----------------------------------------------------Tip #2: Don't show obvious signs of           where you live, etc.

     Showing apparent signs of where you live is just as bad as telling someone your actual address. The more hints you provide as to whereas you live, the closer someone on the Internet can find you, stalk you, kidnap you, or even kill you in your own personal safety of your home. Let's say I lived on Bermuda Island. (Of course I don't, I wouldn't get any Wi-Fi there.) An island is a small place. Sooner or later, someone would find me. Or, I went to say, Harvard. (Of course I don't, I wouldn't have time for this.) Someone could easily look through the list of registered students, find their addresses, and.. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

------------------------------------------------------     Tip #3: Don't open things from           people you don't know.

     Why would you open something from some random guy? I could send you a link to get a free copy of Minecraft!.. or it could be a virus. You'd never know the difference, right? Anything can be transferred via the Internet nowadays, including SpyWare, MalWare, etc. Would you really open something from an e-mail address saying that you could win $1,000,000 in cash after a quick survey? It could be a survey that actually reads,
1. Would you like free viruses?
a) Sure!
b) Why not?
c) #Yolo!
d) I love viruses!

------------------------------------------------------      Tip #4: People can save what                 is said online.

     With a simple push of the PrntScr button, (or Fn+PrntScr, Cmd+PrntScr, etc.) people can instantly record what you just posted. It doesn't matter if you delete it in 30 seconds, 15, 10, 5, or even a second after, remember what I said about stalkers? They're fast. Probably faster than you can delete that post on Instagram.

------------------------------------------------------       Tip #5: Use common sense!

     Nobody enjoys that one guy that ruins everyone's focus in a game of LoL after 30 minutes of intense clashing. The one guy that asks you if you wanna tie your shoe, the guy that asks if you're gonna eat those chips, the one guy that asks you how to spell "shoelace." Don't be that guy. Never ask someone to "STAHP AFK-ING, NUB!!!!" (-Actual words) while they just wanted to go take a toilet break. Nobody likes that guy. Please, don't.

------------------------------------------------------                Conclusion

     So, there were 5 Tips on Digital Safety/Netiquette. Hopefully, someone learned from this. If they didn't... Well, they should read it again. I'm fairly sure I got through with my point with everything.