Kenneth Krauss

Founder of Bakersfield Smile Design

About Kenneth Krauss

Headquartered in Bakersfield, California, Dr. Kenneth Krauss treats patients at his dental practice, Bakersfield Smile Design. Dedicated to advancing new techniques utilizing recent standards in dental care technology, Dr. Krauss and his staff use sophisticated instruments such as a non-invasive intraoral camera for diagnostic use, allowing patients a clear, easy-to-understand picture of their treatment options. Furthermore, the practice is home to several digital x-ray machines designed to maximize imaging potential while ensuring patient safety and convenience. In order to stay current with the most recent dental advances, Kenneth Krauss, DDS, regularly attends continuing education seminars as well as dentistry workshops, where he continually sharpens his dental skills and coordinates with colleagues to push the science of dentistry forward.

In addition to treating patients at Bakersfield Smile Design, Kenneth Krauss, DDS, enjoys spending time engaging in a variety of enriching hobbies and pastimes. Among others, these include practicing outdoor photography, spending time with his family outdoors, and working on his family farm.