Kenneth Partenheimer

Audit and Compliance Specialist

About Kenneth Partenheimer

Experienced audit and compliance manager Kenneth Partenheimer maintains an accomplished history of coordinating cross-divisional internal audits for companies from a variety of different industries. He most recently served as an institutional investigations and compliance manager with the US Treasury's firewalled Making Home Affordable-Compliance (MHA-C) unit within Freddie Mac. In this capacity, he was responsible for auditing compliance and internal controls of the top 10 national mortgage servicers of Non-GSE mortgages under the provisions of the Homeownership Affordability and Stability Plan of 2009. During his tenure with the MHA-C, Mr. Partenheimer administrated quarterly audits at several major lenders, among them Ocwen Financial Corp., Nationstar, Citi Mortgage, Inc., and American Home Mortgage, Inc.

Over his years of experience, Mr. Partenheimer served as an audit supervisor at PNC Bank Corp. and as a senior manager at First of America Bank Corporation. More recently, he worked as a consultant to Jefferson Wells International in Southfield, Michigan, and as a manager with Crowe Horwath LLP. At Crowe Horwath, Kenneth Partenheimer managed a major Sarbanes-Oxley engagement with the largest client in the firm and also managed several internal audit co-sourcing audits for two energy generation companies.

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