Kenneth Sorosky

Specialist in Investments for High Net Worth Clients

About Kenneth Sorosky

A finance professional with extensive experience in the investment industry, Kenneth Sorosky currently serves as a director for True Capital Management. With offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, the firm manages investments for high net worth individuals worldwide. It takes an innovative approach to building diversified portfolios for its clients, which helps protect them from the risk associated with investing in only a few different assets or financial products. Based in the firm’s Los Angeles office, Kenny Sorosky represents the financial interests of a number of professional athletes, including several Major League Baseball players.

In addition to his work at True Capital Management, Kenneth Sorosky sits on the board of directors of the Diversified Pacific Real Estate Opportunity Fund, an investment vehicle created to establish favorable performance and security in the volatile real estate market. An avid traveler, Kenneth Sorosky previously cofounded the tourism companies and with less than $500,000 of total capital. Collectively, they were later sold to for more than $85 million.

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