Kent Houppert

Former Youth Pastor of Grace Community Church

About Kent Houppert

Trained and certified in youth pastoral work by the SonLife Ministries program, Kent Houppert of Canandaigua, New York, has successfully developed and grown a number of church youth groups during his career. He most recently served as youth pastor and building and grounds coordinator of Grace Community Church in Palatine, Illinois. Kent Houppert joined Grace Community in 2005 after working as a youth pastor for eight years at congregations in New York state.

After he was hired by Grace Community Church, Kent Houppert immediately set to work expanding and building the church’s small youth group, which numbered around 10 members at the time he joined. Over several years, he increased membership to more than 100 youths, and he implemented a strong community outreach program that included monthly missionary trips to local nursing homes, homeless shelters, and food banks. Additionally, he established a core adult leadership team and paired adult faith mentors with student mentees.

While at Grace Community, Kent Houppert also organized and led annual youth missionary trips to Haiti, Jamaica, and locations throughout the United States. Participants in these trips engaged in community-building projects that supported schools, churches, and other institutions in each locale.

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