Kent Muer - Aspen - More Than Skiing

When most people think of Aspen, Colorado their minds go immediately to skiing. And while Aspen is home to some of the best skiing in America, this little mountain town has so much more to offer. Take it from local Kent Muer who loves all the beauty and fun his town has to offer.

Full of hot air. Try a hot air balloon ride (available all year round) if you are feeling adventurous and aren’t scared of heights. It will offer you a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking mountains and scenery without having to strap on a pair of skis.
Go shopping. Aspen offers a Rodeo Drive in the mountains feels with luxury shops like Gucci, Prada, Luis Vuitton Ralph Lauren, and Chanel among others.

Have fun outside. If you don’t feel like trying your hand at skiing there are many other outdoor winter activities to try like snowboarding, snowshoeing, sleigh rides, backpacking and even dogsledding.

Get cultural. The Aspen Santa Fe Ballet is world-renowned and performs all over the world. They split their time between Aspen and Santa Fe and are in town from December through April and July through August. The rest of the year they are on tour.

No matter if you visit Aspen for the skiing or countless other fun and exciting activities, it is a must visit destination. There is so much to see and do that you will hardly see your hotel room. Kent Muer enjoys all the wonderful activities in Aspen, where he moved about four years ago.

Kent Muer

How to Backpack Through the Wilderness and Have a Great Time

Kent Muer

Backpacking is the ultimate way to experience nature. Whereas car camping usually subjects you to crammed campgrounds with noise regulations and steep firewood prices, backpacking puts you in the midst of the true wilderness. Just you, the trail, and whatever you brought with you. Backpacking has many rewards, but it also carries with it some risk. Some backpackers get lost on the trail or get injured and have a hard time getting back to civilization. In order to stay safe and have fun, you have to be prepared.

The first item in a backpacker’s inventory is, of course, the pack. Backpacks should be able to hold all of your food, sleeping gear, clothing, water or a water purifying system, and all of the rest of the gear you’ll need to camp in style in the wilderness. It should be able to hold at least fifty pounds of weight, and you should be able to carry that pack on your back with relative comfort. You’ll be carrying that pack for miles, so it has to be relatively comfortable on your back and shoulders. The straps shouldn’t be hurting your shoulders, and it should have a waist strap to take most of the weight off of your shoulders and back.

Kent Muer is an artistic consultant who loves to backpack through the mountains near his home in Aspen, Colorado. Muer has been in the mountains enough with all of his gear on his back to know how crucial a good pack and shoes are when hiking through the wilderness.

Art Consultants - A Gallery for an Office

Art consultants, not to be confused with artistic consultants, are professionals who put together galleries for art shows and work with artists to get their work shown in the proper places. These consultants are a few of the many gatekeepers of the art world. Their tastes often dictate which artists are able to show their art in which galleries. Competition for the most favorable places to show work is fierce. These consultants also negotiate with artists and their agents for their original work. They often have a set budget to work with in order to fill a gallery and attract guests.

Corporations, small businesses, and art collectors hire art consultants to design interiors and decide which works will go where. Each client has a different set of motivations for hiring art consultants. Some want to sell artwork; others need a good interior design to spruce up their facilities. Art consultants have to have a good eye for interior design, which color schemes and designs go with each other, and how to find the artwork at a good price for their clients. Good consultants can work with any budget and space to satisfy the customer.

Kent Muer is an artistic consultant based in Aspen, Colorado, who sometimes takes the duties of a traditional art consultant. He works primarily with small businesses in the Aspen area, helping them design company materials and advertising, as well as interior design. Muer is a successful consultant with a large skill set who has a long list of clients.

Success as a Consultant - Timely Invoices

Being a successful consultant means finding regular, paying work from as many clients as you can juggle. Managing your schedule and creating solutions for all of your clients will take up most of your time. But many consultants find themselves waiting for their payments and can sometimes find themselves in a financial jam because of payment delays. This can be especially prevalent and nerve-wracking in the early stages of your consulting career. Many businesses pay their consultants on a net thirty schedule, meaning payment is due thirty days after the invoice is approved. The net thirty schedule is standard practice among consultants and other freelancers, but if cash flow is an issue for you, consider moving to a net ten schedule whenever you can. Net ten schedules aren’t feasible for many companies, but for those who can accommodate this schedule, it’s a huge win for your cash flow.

Managing your accounts and your cash flow will be a large part of your business as a consultant. No matter how tight your bind, you can’t let on to your customers that you’re hurting. Your clients have to have full confidence in your abilities and can’t be worried about whether your business will survive or not.

Kent Muer is a skilled artistic consultant with several years of experience. He used his skill as an artist to help small businesses in his community develop better logos, advertisements, and company materials. Muer’s business wasn’t always so stable. It took him almost four years to make enough from consulting to quit his day job.

Kent Muer

The University of Colorado at Boulder Offers Kent Muer Hiking, Skiing, and Cycling Clubs

Kent Muer

As a natural partner of the University of Colorado at Boulder students’ overriding concern for the environment, the long-established Hiking Club, begun in 1919, is the longest active student organization of UCB.

Hundreds of active campus members take part in member-led events, not only local hiking occasions in Colorado, but longer excursions into the Rocky Mountain regions of New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah. Rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, mountain climbing and roller blading are only a few of the outdoor activities offered to members, and Kent Muer could indulge his growing love of the outdoors with other students through this organization.

Another University of Colorado student organization which provides organized skiing and snowboarding trips into the high country is the Boulder Freeride, a UCB student club begun in 1933. A nonprofit association, Boulder Freeride promotes skiing and snowboarding to UCB students, and is active year round.

Kent Muer and fellow students enjoyed camping trips, BBQ’s, snowboard and ski movies and organized trips to ski destinations in Colorado and abroad, such as Innsbruck, Chamonix and surf trips in South America.

The University of Colorado cycling team is a top collegiate team in road and mountain biking, and members have gone on to pursue careers in professional cycling. BMX, trials, bicycle commuters to road and mountain riding professionals, have all enjoyed the camaraderie of the CU cycling club, another student group reflecting the CU love of the outdoors and Colorado weather, which features an average of 265 days of sunshine per year.

Narrowing Down the Definition of Kent Muer’s Artistic Consultant Work

A bachelor of arts in art history, or fine arts, such as that held by Kent Muer, is a minimal requirement for work in art consulting, and many art consultants have attended graduate school to pursue master’s degrees, especially in art history. A background in drawing, design and artistic techniques is also very helpful. An art consultant generally is familiar with different types of artworks, including textile pieces, sculptures, antiques and crafts, as well as ethnic and archaeological pieces of historical significance.

Closer to the work career of Kent Muer currently is the profession of design consultant. Viewed broadly, the design consultant can exhibit a specialization in interior design, industrial and commercial design, or fashion and graphic design. Artistic designers share the focus of creating a product, or a space, which brings together artistic form and a desired function. The design consultant, such as Kent Muer, works with clients to produce artistic designs which are beautiful and functional. Interior designers work to decorate a space through brilliant layouts and the use of architectural details. Commercial art consultants may create new artistic products, or adjust and enhance existing artistic components. Fashion artists work with the creation of apparel, accessories to apparel and footwear, and the graphic designer, such as Kent Muer today, attempts to promote the commercial message of a client through the use of graphic and visual arts, creating and communicating an entire artistic viewpoint for a company.

Kent Muer specializes in solving the public relations questions of clients through creativity and integrative design.

Kent Muer

Kent Muer’s Home of Aspen is Blessed With Natural and Man-Made Benefits

Kent Muer lives, works, and plays in the city of Aspen, the county seat and largest urban area of Pitkin County, Colorado. In 2010, Aspen’s population was 6,658, according to the US Census. Aspen is situated on the Roaring Fork River, in the remote Elk Mountains of the Sawatch Mountain Range. It is located on what is called the Western slope of the Rocky Mountains, 11 miles west of the Continental Divide.

Aspen, Colorado began its European settled life as a mining camp, founded during the silver boom in Colorado in the 1880’s. Originally named Ute City to commemorate the refusal of miners to retreat to Denver in the midst of a Ute uprising in 1879, the name Aspen derived from an abundance of aspen trees. During its early boom years, Aspen boasted a population in excess of 5000 persons, mostly miners and suppliers in the search of wealth, and at its peak, was the most productive silver-mining district in the US. In 1893, Aspen offered banks, a hospital, a police department, two theaters, an opera house and electric lighting. During that same year, President Grover Cleveland urged the repeal of the Silver Purchase Act. The resulting economic Panic of 1893 collapsed the market for silver, and Aspen went into over 25 years of decline, with a population of less than a thousand in 1930. All was not lost for Aspen; left with over 300 inches of snow a year, and fine commercial buildings and historical residences, Kent Muer’s beloved Aspen held the keys to its rebirth.

Kent Muer

Skis For Northern Europe Vs. Snowshoes for North America - Skiing for Survival

Cro-Magnon man attached ski-like sticks to his feet twenty-two thousand years ago, to enable his survival during the Paleolithic period. Ski-like fragments have been discovered in northern Russia which date to 6000 BC. Skis were necessary to cross marshes in the winter, when they were frozen. Skis enabled traveling in winter to hunt reindeer and elk for food. Snowshoes were more common in North America, where the snow was more solid than in Europe. Nonethless, Kent Muer today enjoys skiing the fresh powder of Aspen, Colorado.

Transport was the purpose of skis until the 1800’s, and skiing was utilized for military purposes in Norway and Sweden during this time, the beginnings of skiing competition. When ski lifts were developed and equipment modernized in the early 1900’s, two types of skiing evolved: Alpine and Nordic. Skis became specialized, with powder skis, twin-tip skis, parabolic skis and non-sidecut alpine skis existing alongside non-alpine skis, with different types of skis for different types of snow, inclines, runs and uses evolved.

Nordic skiing included cross country and ski-jumping, which necessitated boot bindings at the toes instead of the heels. Alpine skiing occurs on a marked ski run, path or trail, generally at a ski resort, and is also called downhill skiing. Fixed heel bindings at both the heel and the toe render it difficult to walk in the boots used, and ski lifts bring skiers up the slopes to the tops of the runs. Alpine skiing includes backcountry, via snowcat or helicopter, night-skiing and glade skiing. With the advent of ski lifts, the alpine equipment used today by Kent Muer became extremely specialized and can only be used with the help of lifts.

Kent Muer

Kent Muer - A Brief History of Fishing

Fishing dates back to ancient times, roughly 40,000 years and was integral to making civilizations and trade what it is today. Fishing has been used as a way to provide necessary food for families and communities. Millions of people around the world enjoy fishing. Kent Muer, from Aspen, is just one of the many fishing enthusiasts around the globe.

Fishing has been practiced all over the world since prehistoric times. Spearfishing with barbed poles was commonplace during the Paleolithic era. About 7500 to 3000 years ago, techniques had advanced and Native Americans commonly used a gorge hook and line tackle to fish with. Some tribes even used plant toxins to induce torpor in fish found in local streams.

In Egypt fresh and dried fish were an important staple in an average Egyptians diet. They made many inventions to improve the process of catching fish, like using woven nets, reed boats and baskets to catch and transport fish. The most important fish caught during this time were the Nile perch, catfish and eels.

Looking at ancient Greek history however, there are not many causes of fishing being represented. This is most likely due to the low social status of fishing during this era.

Since the 16th century fishing boats or vessels have been able to cross oceans in purist of their catch. This was a game changer in the fishing industry and allowed fisherman to catch different types of fish and more at time since the boats were larger, able to go further distances and carry more fish on board.

Fishing has a long and complex history, involving every corner of the globe. Kent Muer enjoys fishing today as a form a relaxation and anytime he is in the mood for a self-caught, homemade meal.

Kent Muer

Kent Muer - What is Branding and Why Does It Matter?

Branding. It is a word often talked about in the business world but many people don’t fully understand what it means. Branding is more than a logo or cute commercial. It is the entire customer experience with your business, from the logo, website, social media, customer experiences with your staff, even the way the phone is answered. It is the customer’s perception of your business. Now this can be an overwhelming concept, but there are people, like Kent Muer, who work to develop and manage a business’s brand.

Developing and managing your brand are so important because it will give you the recognition for your customers to notice you. Think of your favorite fast food chain. You can hear the jingle in your head, picture the inside of the restaurant, know the number of each meal and even smell the fries. This is all branding.

Branding also helps to set you apart from your competitor and helps build loyalty with customers. You know the difference in your favorite fast food chain compared to those other guys and you aren’t afraid to tell your friends about why your favorite fries are superior. This creates free advertising because your customers will brag to their friends about the amazing product you have versus your competitor. Your customers feel like they are promoting something they believe in and are developing an emotional connection to your business.

Kent Muer helps businesses understand and grow their brands with his unique and creative techniques. With a Bachelor in Fine Arts from University of Colorado at Boulder, Kent is armed with many tools to make the dream of any business owner ad reality.

Kent Muer

If you are planning a trip to Aspen, Colorado you should take advantage of some of the best skiing in the country on one of its four mountains. But choosing which slope to ski can be difficult. Kent Muer has lived in the Aspen area for years and still can’t decide which one he likes best. But with a little bit of information, it will be easier to narrow down which resort is the best fit for you.

Aspen Mountain, often called Ajax is the oldest resort in the area, boasting a rich history and tradition. Although snowboarding is now allowed on the mountain but skiing is still more popular. The mountain got its name from the many aspen trees growing on its peaks. There are no beginner runs found on this mountain at all, and it is known for its many intermediate and expert runs.

Snowmass Ski Resort and Village is the largest of the Aspen resort areas coming in at a whopping 3,131 acres. The resort features trails for skiers of all skill levels with family friendly runs, beginner slopes, and wide open trails for intermediates. It even has some double black runs, which can be pretty intimidating.

Aspen Highlands is best known for its expert runs and is therefore preferred by many locals and hard core skiers. It trades the glamour some of the other mountains offer for a down to earth vibe.

Lastly, there is Buttermilk, which is known for a great place for beginners and families. It has also been host to the ESPN Winter X Games.

No matter which mountain you choose to ski in Aspen you can’t go wrong. Each slope offers unique beauty and an unforgettable experience. Kent Muer is a local artistic and graphic design consultant who loves to ski.

Kent Muer - Which Mountain Will You Choose?

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