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Here at Space Bros. we try to give you the best service, from Mach 10 space shuttles with 30x dampeners, to 5 star hotels on the most distant of planets. Here are some of the benefits of choosing the Space Bros.

  • We put our customers as first priority
  • We give you a guarantee, if we’re not 50% lower than the lowest competition price you can find, it’s free!
  • We make sure we have the latest and greatest spaceship tech
  • Cryogenic freezing for those long trips

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Space Bros. started when two brothers, Jim and James Space, watched the first moon landing in 1969. They wanted to do that too, and in 2016 they did, and Space Bros. was born. Flash forward to 2316, where we are celebrating the 300th anniversary of those two kids, immortalized in bronze here at the reception center.

Kepler 186f

About Kepler 186F

Kepler 186f is a planet orbiting around it's own m-class star. It is the only other earth sized planet orbiting in the habitable zone of another star.

a picture depicting our solar system to kepler 186

Most planets orbiting in the habitable zone of other stars have been about 40% larger than Earth. The solar system Kepler 186f is in is, you guessed it, kepler 186! m-class stars, such as the one at the center of kepler 186, make up about 70% of the stars in the galaxy, what about the rest of the alphabet? Kepler 186 is about 500 light years ( ≈ 4500 billion Km) from Earth, in the constellation Cygnus. Although the size of Kepler 186f is known, the composition is not. Though previous studies show that a planet of Kepler 186f's size is likely to be rocky. it orbits it's star every 130 earth days. Kepler 186f receives about 1/3  the energy from it's star as we would from ours, placing nearer to the edge of the habitable zone. We took into account the fact that Kepler 186f only gets 1/3 the energy from it's sun, and developed artificial sun energy specialized for Kepler 186f. Not only that, but we also setup 50 different 5 star hotels all around the surface of the planet. We get you there using quantum entanglement. We reverse the polarity and data of your particles, use spontaneous parametric down-conversion, and measure your particles here, effectively re-creating you on Kepler. It takes 15+ days to get you to kepler.

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2 years ago

this webpage is awesome!

2 years ago

I can't wait to go - where do I sign up? Are there any spa hotels on Kepler 186f - need a good mani-pedi!