Enjoy The Benefits Of Location-Based Strategies With Bluetooth

One of the newest and most happening marketing strategies being embraced by businesses worldwide is location-based promotion. It integrates the capabilities of mobile advertising to attract and retain customers. An important tool in the hands of the marketers in this regard is Bluetooth advertising. As the name suggests it involves utilization of wireless Bluetooth technology for reaching out to prospects and giving them relevant promotional content on their tablet or Smartphone devices. As a business, you can send all types of information that you want via this method, which includes still images, plain text, video, audio, animation, games, and vouchers among others.

Users can receive these Bluetooth messages and if they want, download to their android, laptop, or iOS device. However, for successful transmission and you will require a Bluetooth transmitter. Effective range of these devices is 40 meters on an average, based upon the available infrastructure nearby. Positive feature of this method is accuracy of reaching out to your targeted customers and complete precision. For now, marketers use this in three main scenarios to get results. These are,

  • A. Point-Of-Sale Advertising: this is ideal for entertainment venues, bars, and shop windows. Send promotional messages to prospects that inspire them to come inside the establishment.
  • B. Field Promotions: promotional staff will carry Bluetooth transmitters to the field for sending automatic messages to Bluetooth within the receiving range.
  • C. Billboard Advertising: you can fit Bluetooth transmitters in billboards to create effective mobile advertising network. This way you can send emphatic call-to-action messages to prospects.

Bluetooth marketing packs a number of benefits, which makes it a great option for modern-day marketers. For starters, it's totally inexpensive, just purchase the device and now send as many promotional contents as you require completely free. This makes it different from your regular SMS or MMS services, as this method doesn't involve recurring costs. Even devices with Bluetooth enablement do not cost much making this a thoroughly cost-effective proposition.

You do not require an operator for using this technology. Simply set up the transmitter and it will automatically start identifying and sending marketing messages. What's more, it will also maintain a database of the customers that it connected with and people who finally downloaded the required content. Respect of user’s privacy is extremely important for the businesses to retain their reputation.

With the use of Bluetooth marketing techniques, it is possible to maintain this easily as the transmitter will ask users whether they want to accept connections. As such, there will never be any unwanted message flooding on the devices playing havoc with the peace of mind of the users. The best mobile ad network technologies are in use these days to aid the job of marketers. Bluetooth tools support varied content types to make the message interesting for the prospects with better chances of success.

Further, it's wireless, upgradable, engaging, response driven, with easy tracking adding to its uses and applications. For more information regarding location-based strategies and use of Bluetooth for the same, you can simply visit the website mobiquitynetworks.com and be hooked.

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