What is Freshmen Seminar?

Freshmen Seminar is a class that is devoted to helping new-coming high school freshmen to be comfortable in their new surroundings. Freshman Seminar talks about how to excel not only in freshman year but later on in life as well. Freshmen Seminar talks about different learning types and what suits a student most, how to find reliable websites and correct information, and many more things that will really help as a student grows.

This class has helped me to get to know my school and NOT feel like this anymore!

What Do You Learn In Freshmen Seminar?

We had four different topics we learned about this 6 weeks which are...


In the second week, we did various assignments that helped us get comfortable with our school. In our high school flyer, we had to put facts and photos of our high school. This helped us understand what our school history is. I never knew my school was so old! We listened to advice that teachers and former freshmen talked about is different videos and gave our thought to them by commenting in the video with other students.  My favorite assignment for this week was the High School Bucket List assignment which is to make a presentation about things we wanted to do before graduating from high school. One of my items were to do a senior prank! Overall, this week's unit helped me feel like the school wasn't so scary and mysterious!

2. Student Skills

In the third week, we learned how to keep ourselves motivated and to not give up on things like our work. I even practiced by writing to a fake person. Motivation is especially important in high school so that students don't give up on what they want to become. Note-taking is also important in high school to pass those tests. I tried out a few methods and finally chose my test-taking method which is easier for me to read and understand. Being able to take notes and memorize what is being taught is an important life skill that everyone should know. This week's unit taught me how important it is to have good plans for the future and not to give up on our dreams no matter how much work it takes.

3. Digital Literacy

In the fourth week, I learned how information comes to us on the internet. It was very interesting to learn especially by watching the "How Google Search Works" video that our teacher provided. I learned how to tell if a website is giving true information and not just random garbage. I also learned a lot that I didn't know about copyrights. I never knew that there were such things like creative commons and public domain which are very important to know. This week really was interesting and can keep students from getting in legal trouble and trouble with your teacher as well.

4. Careers

In the fifth and final unit of freshmen seminar, we learned about what I thought to be the most important topic, careers. I think choosing a good career that you like and that provides enough money to support you is really important since most of your time when your older is spent at work. In this week, you get to take a quiz that combines your interests with your comfort zone. This helps students to find jobs that they think will benefit them in the future. We even wrote a poem predicting what a normal day at work feels like. It's exhausting! I felt this week was very beneficial to me and helped me pick a "for sure" career and a back-up career.

Why should I Take Freshmen Seminar?

Like the photo says, high school is pretty close to starting and no one wants to go unprepared. Soon, it'll say college just ahead and career just ahead. Taking freshmen seminar will insure that you're not freaking out the first day of high school and the last day when you realize you have no idea what to do with your life. Freshmen seminar is a great way to learn skills that will help you throughout your life such as how to take notes, staying motivated, not getting in legal trouble for copying and pasting that essay, and many more! The thing I liked the most was taking freshmen seminar online because you can interact with other students and see how they react to videos or how they share their thoughts. Also, it's awesome to find someone who feels the same way about things like you! This is one of the most important classes and all freshmen should take it because this class is the foundation of learning how to succeed in all your classes.

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