Madam C.J Walker

first woman millionaire

Madame C.J Walker was the first self-made female millionaire by a hair-growth business she started for black women. She called her business “Madam Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower”. She started this business due to her own hair loss. She experimented with remedies and store bought products to improve her hair loss condition. In 1908, she opened up a factory and a beauty school in Pittsburg.

December 23,1867- Born

December 23,1875- Orphaned

December 23,1878- Laundress

December 23, 1882- Marries

December 23, 1885- Daughters

December 23,1889- Moves

December 23, 1905- Starts business

December 23,1906- Marries again

December 23, 1908- Opens Lelia College

December 23, 1910- Builds factory

December 23, 1916- Moves

May 25, 1919- Dies

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