Fernand Leger

info about Fernand

He was born in Argentan and he died in Gif-sur-yvette.

He studied at the Ecole Arts Decoratifs.

He fled from Nazis in France in world war 2.

He was inspired by the American industrial landscape.

By 1909, Léger had painted early Cubist works such as Le Compotier sur la Table.

Léger aligned himself closely with Le Corbusier and other Modernists who were interested in machinery and depicting speed and motion.

Léger understood the Cubist notion of freeing the painter from a responsibility to realism, yet he was more interested in materialism than other Cubists, such as Braque and Picasso.

Cubism is art that uses shapes to create fine pieces of art. Cubism is actually easier than the other art we are used to because we so familiar with shapes that it is easier to use the shapes to make art.

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