Kevin Hugh Lewis on being a technology leader

Kevin Hugh Lewis is an IT professional that has a long history of success in the industry. He has put in three decades worth of work starting with his earliest experience working for the company known as MCI. One of the things that he has learned is that it is important for him and other professionals to truly pay attention to what clients need and how to best deliver that to.

Technology is a great tool that helps deliver that business value to the client and ultimately it is tied to such things as business knowledge, business processes, decision-making, productivity and other ways to gain efficiencies that ultimately serve the business. Kevin Hugh Lewis has seen this play out again and again throughout his career and his work at major IT companies in the industry have reinforced this undeniable truth.

IT is there to serve the business and it is not the other way around. His work at WinStar, SkyTel, Qwest, and other IT startups are no different. Being a technology leader means recognizing the true value of technology which focused on doing things better, cheaper and faster. In the end that seems to always be the case. Lewis’ experience as one of the top IT experts is built on the story that he is committed to leadership and excellence in every single thing that he does. That is why his guidance and participation are highly sought to this very day as he is well recognized for his accomplishments over the course of that career.

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