Video Games DEBATE

Terraria vs. Minecraft

  Welcome everyone to another edition of Video Games DEBATE! We  have a special pair today being put against each other, and two similar games, one being accused of copying the other: Terraria VS Minecraft!


Terraria. A voxel based Video-game accused of copying the all-famous Minecraft.

   First let's look at the attributes and features of this pretty recent voxel-based game.

  • PROS
  • 2-Dimensional
  • Side Scrolling
  • LOTS of content
  • Strange mobs
  • Weird weapons
  • Rare armor
  • Mining
  • Furniture
  • Other people (NPCs)
  • CONS
  • Not thought to be "original"

   Ok. And the results are: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! That is in fact very true. Terraria is a side scrolling, adventure, action, voxel based, pixelated, survival, 2 dimensional video game available currently for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and mobile devices such as Apple electronics (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), and Android.

   Now here are some pics some of the wonderful and creative players of Terraria made:

A mansion made of stone and wood in Terraria
Now that's what I call a "tree house" !
Another manison on stilts of stone above the frosty tundra (left) and warm forest (right).


  Now let's take a look at a very popular (kind of overrated) game MINECRAFT, from Mojong.

  • PROS
  • Over 100,000,000 registered players
  • Called the "Cave Game" when in early development
  • You can install mods
  • Made (almost) completely out of cubes or rectangular prisms
  • Lots of content as well
  • CONS
  • Kind of boring
  • So widely known, any voxel game is a "copy" of MC
  • Repetitive

   So the results for MC are: Amazing! Now I have to admit MC is very addicting if your not careful and is like a trap to get you to spend hours building and crafting and mining (I was a victim of this "trap").

   Now, don't get me wrong MC is a very good game that is good to play solo or with friends. You can also add mods to it to, spice things up a bit. Such as the morph mod that allows you to transform into any animal or mob you've slayed or killed (pigs, sheep, cows, zombies etc.) and some of them give you special affects. Like the chicken lets you glide from high up places but wolves try to kill you. But some also give you defects. Like zombies. If you're a zombie you burn in sunlight but hostile mobs won't attack you.

   Minecraft also allows you to download mod PACKS that allow you to use a bunch of mods in one download. Some of my personal favorites are Crazy Craft or Hexxit but different people like different things.


   AND THE FINAL VERDICT IS... TERRARIA!!! Judging by the number of PROS it had it was a clear winner. Minecraft is also a very good game but Terraria has more content AND is more original than MC.

Well that's all we have for today folks so join us next time on Video Game DEBATE!