Kevin Juhring

General Manager at U.S. Communities / Public Finance Authority                    

About Kevin Juhring

Management professional Kevin Juhring brings two decades of experience to his current position as the general manager of the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance, a national cooperative for government and education. Sponsored by several municipal organizations, including the National Association of Counties, the authority serves more than 50,000 participants each year. In his leadership role with U.S. Communities, Kevin Juhring oversees all general operations, including relationships with state and local governments.

Mr. Juhring attended Saint Joseph’s University, graduating with a bachelor’s in economics before embarking on his career. Prior to his current role with U.S. Communities, Mr. Juhring held a number of key positions with leading companies, including branch manager for Enterprise Rent-A-Car and director of state and local government sales for international retailer Office Depot.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Mr. Juhring enjoys playing golf.                            

Workplace Safety and Flame Resistant Clothing

Combining his professional experiences with government administration and sales, Kevin Juhring serves as the executive director for the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance, an organization that offers both public and private sector businesses cooperative pricing on a broad range of goods and services. Among these offerings by Kevin Juhring and his team are workplace health and safety items, such as flame resistant clothing.

Workplace safety in some industries necessitates flame resistant (FR) clothing. Industries involving chemicals, electricity, or oil and gas may expose employees to hazards such as flash fire, combustible chemicals, or arc blast, requiring employees to wear protective clothing.

FR clothing must be made of fabric that is self-extinguishable when the ignition source is removed. To achieve FR properties, a material can be engineered at the molecular level to hamper fire, or it can be chemically treated with a fire retardant.

The protective qualities of inherently FR garments do not decrease over time or by washing. However, chemically treated FR items do become less effective over the life of the clothing, as the fabric’s treatment wears away or deteriorates by abrasion, washing, or UV ray exposure.

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