Kevin Martoken

Financial Consultant Kevin Martoken Serves Hedge Fund Clients

About Kevin Martoken

An executive accountant, Kevin Martoken administers hedge fund clients at Grassi & Company, a New York-based consulting firm. In preparation for his business career, he enrolled at the Syracuse University Whitman School of Management in New York, from which he received his bachelor of science in accounting. After graduating, Kevin Martoken honed his finance skills at Golstein, Golub, & Kessler, where he coordinated annual audits of hedge funds with net assets between $1 million and $500 million.

After leaving Golstein, Golub, & Kessler, Kevin Martoken became controller at the Promethean Investment Group. In his leadership capacity, he oversaw various operational tasks, and was responsible for three funds which invested in equities, convertibles, straight debt, options and various swaps. Mr. Martoken was responsible for the accounting for funds with over a quarter of a billion dollars. In the lead up to his current position, he served in such roles as senior finance associate, business analyst, and senior business analyst with major New York firms, including Lehman Brothers.

When not working, Mr. Martoken follows several sports teams, including the New Jersey Devils and athletic organizations affiliated with Syracuse University. He also stays active by participating in recreational soccer and football leagues.

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