Kevin Wigenton

Highly Trained Legal Practitioner

About Kevin Wigenton

Possessing a diversity of training and experience as a legal professional, Kevin Wigenton began preparing for his career as a student at Norfolk State University, where he received a bachelor of science in accounting. Following this, he gained acceptance to the University of South Carolina Law School to earn a certificate of jurisprudence. Later, he attended the Rutgers University School of Law in Newark, New Jersey, where he completed all of the necessary coursework to receive a juris doctorate. At present, Kevin Wigenton utilizes his training to serve clients at his private law firm headquartered in Red Bank, New Jersey, where he offers counsel pertaining to matters such as criminal defense, estate planning, real estate, landlord/tenant disputes, and more.

When not attending to his professional responsibilities as a private practitioner, Kevin Wigenton devotes time and resources to civic-minded endeavors in and around his local community. In addition to providing guidance for law students and paralegals, Wigenton serves as a board member of the Monmouth Bar Foundation and secretary to Ocean Monmouth Legal Services.

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