The Maya

Important parts of Mayan life:

- Maya life was centered around their religion and gods of nature.                                       - The Mayans believed that the universe was made up of two separate worlds, Paradise and the Underworld.                                                                                                               - Itzamna was the most important god.                                                                               - The Mayans believed that blood powered gods, but did not sacrifice too often.                   - They used religion to explain how things worked.                                                             - There was a social pyramid in every city-state.

The Mayans were very successful in the Classic Period (300-900 CE)                                - There were breakthroughs in astronomy and mathematics.                                                - The Mayans used a 260 day sacred calendar and a 365 day solar calendar.                      - The Mayans excelled in architecture, paints, and art.                                                       - They used hieroglyphics and carvings of gods and rulers because these gods and people were important to society.

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