Key Reasons to Protecting Child Rights

The world might look like a perfect place for you and I, but there are some who are constantly struggling to make ends meet. Sometimes, you must have come across children working on the streets, trying to make a living out of menial opportunities. These underprivileged children not only work for their own bread and butter, but also provide for their families. Therefore, the sole reason to address these underlying issues of child rights is reason enough to unite and join forces, to bring about a change in the lives of the underprivileged.

According to the United Nations Conventions on the rights of children,every child is entitled to leading a life full of dignity. Child rights ensure fundamental rights such as the Right to Survival, Right to Development, Right to Protection and Right to Participation. These rights if not fulfilled, breed an unequal society. Every child requires these basic necessities such as good health, nutrition, education, recreation, freedom of thought and expression. All children rights must also include freedom from exploitation, abuse, neglect and dream fulfilment.

The interests of such children should be high priority but sadly, the world that we live in the moment violates these basic rights, every single day. The statistics speak for themselves and represent the worst case scenario. Therefore, the task before us is simple; we all are required to unite and protest against this inhumane treatment meted out to them so that that their lives are relatively easier. There is a lot we can do to protect the right of these children; one of them is to volunteer. Volunteering or simply donating will have a great effect along with strategizing steps and ways to protect them from indulging in malpractices or anti-social activities.

Every child deserves the right to dream and fulfil his/her wishes and desires. Therefore, be the change. Build your knowledge about the current scenario of the country and help eradicate the issue. Join hands for a better future; a secure future!