Keyan Zhao - Traveler and Outdoors Enthusiast

Keyan Zhao enjoys staying active by traveling and participating in outdoors activities. As an avid skier and hiker, he enjoys visiting popular mountain destinations across the United States and Canada. His favorite outdoors activities also include playing tennis and riding horses. When he is not undertaking new adventures outdoors, Keyan Zhao loves to relax by watching quality films. His favorites include the modern classics Braveheart and Forrest Gump.

Beyond his love for travel and the outdoors, Keyan Zhao enjoys studying scientific topics such as genomics, next generation sequencing technologies, and biotechnology. He is also interested in general health care issues. He participates in the scientific community by serving as a review editor for Frontiers, and reviewers for genomics related journals like PLoS, Bioinformatics etc.

Educated at the University of Southern California, Keyan Zhao holds a Ph.D. in bioinformatics. He went on to complete postdoctoral work at Cornell University and Stanford University. His postdoctoral activities included studying human genetics, canine genetics, and rice genetics. While at Cornell, he published a series of papers that focus on the genomes of dogs and rice.

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