Kuwait is a country located in Asia. Most people in the country are Muslim. The employment rate is a booming 97.28%. If you visit and you know Arabic, you're well off, as that is the main language. Kuwait is a modern country, with a growing economy.

3.2 million people live in Kuwait. There, the second most common language is English. Other languages spoken are Urdu, Persian, and Hindi. They use common technologies such as computers and television services. The most common form of communication is by cell phone. Kuwait's literacy rate is 94%. Overall, communications and culture are advanced.

Only 45% of Kuwait's population is Kuwaiti. The population is diverse as there is a 35% Arab population, 9% South Asian population, 4% Iranian population, and 7% other. There is a 2.14% death rate and a 20.96% birth rate. Kuwait's school systems are similar in that they have three basic levels: elementary, intermediate, and secondary. Each level is four years long. Those who complete these basic levels may go on to higher education such as college.

Kuwait's economy is ranked 76th in the world. Their unemployment rate is 2.72%. That is 4.58% better than America's 7.3% unemployment rate. Kuwait has a Constitutional Emirate type of government. This type of government greatly resembles a Constitutional Monarchy, which is the same type of government in Australia and the U.K.

Kuwait is a smaller country, but it is modern and compares well. Technology there is as advanced as America and other major countries. In all, it is a modern country.

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