Sonia Delaunay

Abigail Betterton

Sonia Delaunay was born to a poor Ukrainian family November 5,1885.Sonia survived two world wars.Sonia Delaunay died wealthy in Paris on December 5,1979.Sonia grew up in St. Petersburg .She was a russiah painter,illustrater,and textile designer.She was all so a pioneer of abstract art.Sonia studied drawing in Kalsruhe ,Germany.She moved to Paris in 1905.Sonia married the artist Robert Delauny. In 1905 Sonia was painting in a style known as orphism.Sonia was a french artist.Sonia and Robert became involved in public art projects and they collaborated on vest murals for the Paris Exposition of 1937.

Sonia's Fashoin

Sonia was also a fashion designer.She designed textiles and dresses.She was a international fashion designer.

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