Comparing School Rules

Of course, like in any other country we have our own rules in school. They have some different and similar arrangements with other countries. And now we want to compare our school rules in Troyeshchyna Gymnasium in Kyiv, Ukraine with school rules in British School in India.


Dear students from the British School in Delhi,

As in your school, we have the same uniform principles, like white up and black down. On PE we wear anything we want, unless it's school uniform.


Our school also teaches us to have teamwork because teamwork is one of the most important parts of life.If you do not have the quality of teamwork, you will find it hard cooperating with others when you grow up and get a job, because in jobs you will have to work with other people.


We participate in environmental projects. Challenge 20/20 was one of them last year. We collaborated with schools from Argentina and the USA studyng eco system losses caused by floods. At school we don't have strict rules as for paper cups or something. But we try to create eco classrooms where students switch off their mobile phones during lesson time.


In our school we have special time for eating. After third and fourth lessons we go to the canteen and buy whatever we want.

In primary school our teachers sat and ate with us - we bought multipurpose dinners.

Also after the first lesson we have a cup of milk with cookies.


Unfortunately,we haven't got such official document like contracts in British schools. When we firstly came to the class our teachers gave us some rules about our behaviour. They are often oral rules.


In our school we pay attention to our emergency.In every classroom we have fire alrms and other protective things:Also we have an evacuation plan.Everybody in our school knows how to behave in emergency situations.


Unlike India in our school we do not have the entrance  registration. But I hope that in the nearest future we will have such a system because it is nesessary for children's security.

But maybe check-in system has some disadvantages, because children become overcontrolled.


In our school we have some circles like drawing,dancing,playing the guitar and other musical instruments. Also our school is famous because of our theatre.

We put up perfomances in different languages for example English,French and others.


We compared our school rules with the British School  and we understand that we have some things that are different but a lot of things are similar. We will try to improve our school life and take some examples from your school.

Thank you  for  sharing your ideas with us.

Best wishes,

11-A class,

Kyiv, Ukraine