William Harrison "Jack" Dempsey

By: Katlyn Anderson

Jack Dempsey is one of the greatest boxers in the 1920s. He was born on June 24 1895 in Manassa Colorado. He started boxing in small mining towns in Colorado under the name "Kid Blackie". By 24 he had one 80 professional boxing matches. He was best known for winning the matches within seconds of starting the match due to knockouts. In 1919 Jack Dempsey was in a boxing match called "David and Goliath" match of fists. Buy knocking out his opponent Jess Willard he earned the heavyweight title and earned the nickname "Manassa Mauler". He defended his title six times until September 23, 1926 when he was defeated by Gene Tunney and lost his heavyweight title. They had a rematch in 1927 in hopes that Jack would regain the title of heavyweight champion but however he lost the rematch. He then went on to fight in exhibition matches but retired from professional boxing in 1940. He retired with a record of 60-7-8 and 50 of his wins were knockouts. Then went on to own a very successful restaurant in New York. He died May 31, 1983 in New York City.

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