Engineering Towers

session 1

in session 1 you designed your tower walls and got it approved. then transfered it over to the full size pattern.

session 2

in session 2 you learned about load and how the structure supports it. you also learned about the differences from a engineer and a architect. and finished transferring the thumbnail sketches to the full size pattern.

session 3

in session 3 you learned about the different forces that act upon structures. and constructed 1 side of your tower.

session 4

in session 4 you learned how to improve the strength of your tower design. then continued the construction of your tower.

session 5

in session 5 you learned how towers can help improve the strength of other structures. the you continued the construction of your tower

session 6

in session 6 all you did was finish all of the construction of your tower sides.

session 7

in session 7 you glues all of your sides together. and weighed it to make sure it qualified to test.

engineering towers can be used in many different careers. like you can be a architect cause learn how to build a tower and design a tower. so this station can prepare you for any different job in the construction buisnes

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