Digital Writing

What is digital writing?

"compositions created with, and oftentimes for reading or viewing on, a computer or other device that is connected to the Internet." (p.7)

But what does it look like?

It takes the same procedures for writing but uses digital tools to accomplish the same goal.  Digital writing can also include video, audio and other elements to make the student writing come more alive for them.

It allows for more collaboration and networking between students and between teacher and student.

What does that mean for teachers?

Students are writing more than they ever have so as educators, we have to use these methods they are using (instant messaging, text messaging, blog, email, etc) to help them to become better writers.

Educators must educate themselves on the best practices in using technology so that the use of technology has a specific purpose with a desired outcome in mind.

What are the benefits?

With the constant changes in technology, we are preparing our students for jobs that have yet to be created.  We are teaching them to write in the modern world in ways that they will encounter today.  

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