kevin the irish man

kevin irish orange crooked eyes with red hair lots of frecklecles.

kevin of irland

kevin whose burgers are yummy

is a popular cool guy who is liked by everyone

runs in marathons always louses

eats lots of pizza after running

sails to far away places

plays outside with friends

jumps on his trampaline

kevin trains his hair when nobody is around

can turn invisible when nobody is looking and shust his eyes

watches scary movies and screams like a girl

because he is secertlatly a big baby on the inside

kevin moves stuff with his mind

always relly has to pee

hates pizza but still eats it

is only a couple of donuts short of fat

reads the small print on tv ads

throws rocks at cats when they bother him

rides his bike 5 miles just to get donuts every mornig

writes stuff like this about me for his english class

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