Candy Lightner

Mothers against Drunk Driving

Candy Lightner started one of the Country's largest activist organizers "Mothers against Drunk Driving". Her 13 year old daughter, Cari was hit by a car on May 3, 1980 while walking to a church carnival with a friend. The person who hit Cari never did stop and he was drunk while the accident happened. Cari Lightner was thrown 125 feet and suffered internal problems, she didn't live long afterwards. Candy Lightner started an organization for stiffer drunk driving penalties. Candy Lightner joined forces with Cindi Lamb and her daughter had been paralyzed by a drunk driving accident. They went to Washington, D.C., that October to raise awareness about the issue of drunk driving. She met President Ronald Reagan and he appointed her to the National Commission on Drunk Driving in 1984.  Through MADD she got the legal drinking age to age 21.  Candy Lightner's activism also inspired her daughter Serena to form Students Against Drunk Driving. She left the organization because she was wasting too much money on fundraisers and not of programs. After MADD Candy Lightner still was a social activist and public speaker. She even wrote a book called Giving Sorrow Words: How to Cope with Grief and Get on with Your Life. Today she still is a activist and is now working on public safety.  


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