The Land Between the Rivers


        Mesopotamia is located in current day Iraq between the Tigris and Euphrates river and is in the plains inside the fertile crescent. Because Mesopotamia is located in the fertile crescent the land is excellent for farming.

Three Benefits of Living in Mesopotamia

        When you move to Mesopotamia you have a lot of advantages, from the stable food supply to the irrigation system and from agriculture to the ziggurat, Mesopotamia has it all.

        The first of these advantages is that Mesopotamia is in the fertile crescent. The fertile crescent is special and unique because the ground inside the fertile crescent is very moist and domesticating animals like the cow, goat, sheep, and pig. The final reason that the fertile crescent is special is because the land is perfect for planting edible crops like wheat and barley.

        The second advantage is that Mesopotamia has invented amazing breakthroughs in technology like levee, the wheel, aqueduct, and the sundial. Mesopotamia has it all. This is an advantage because the wheel lets you travel to places much faster and efficiently than just walking. The aqueduct helps are waste and other stuff go away so Mesopotamia doesn't smell so bad. This is guaranteed because the first aqueduct was made in Mesopotamia. And the the final reason why Mesopotamia has many major technology outbreaks is because we have come up with the 7 day week and 60 minute hour that is still used today and we even invented the first sundial

         And the third and final reason to come to Mesopotamia is because Each city-state (which is what makes up a empire) is protected by a thick stone wall and a moat in case an extremity rare invasion happens like when the Persians invaded the Chaldeans in 562 BCE. Another reason why this is a good thing is because once you are inside these walls no matter what you will always have that feeling that you are safe and secure inside those assuring stone walls. And last but not least my final reason why every city-state in Mesopotamia is safe is because Mesopotamia lasted for about 3,500 years.

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