My #springbreak

Full of Soccer #Kettner #Tech42
Cade B.

This Spring break I didn't do much. I just went to soccer practice and soccer games. My aunt came to stay with us for my brother Cameron's 16th birthday. she also came to my soccer game in Cheney. Other than that, I just enjoyed not having to go to school, playing Clash of Clans all week, and hanging out with my friends.

My soccer game was in Cheney. We played Storm FC, but we lost 2-0. My coach is from Cheney, so he was mad that we lost in his home town.  We had to run a lot at practice on Monday.

During my free time I played Clash of Clans and hung out with my friends.

About Me: I am 13 years old. My favorite sport is soccer, and I play for FC Spokane. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister, and one of my brothers attends school here at GMS, which is also where I attend  school.

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