The Creation of the Internet


Alexis Campbell

Not one person created the Internet, many people created it. The Internet has developed over time.

The Internet was used as a weapon of the Government in the Cold War. It was made to help invent new weapons and create top secret systems.

Scientists and researchers have used the internet for years to communicate and share with each other.

50 years ago the internet was really only for war purposes but as time progressed it started opening up and having more ways of use.

It was mostly upper class residents that had the internet but as time had moved on almost everyone has access to the internet. You can barley find anyone who doesn't have a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

The internet was created by many different people. It was constructed for war to help make weapons and come up with secret systems. As time has went on it has been used for many more things. Scientists have used the Internet to share data and communicate no matter the distance. Now you can find almost anyone using the internet. It has become a common use in most people's lives. The Internet is used for school, research, and even sharing how we feel. The changes the Internet has made over the past 50 years has been drastic. It will continue to progress as the Internet lives.