Car Designing

What materials would you need to design and build a car?

Car designing makes up many different parts. You would need a engine, gear box, transmission, common body parts and seats. You would also need common tools that are uses to weld and put together the car. Designing the car is the easy part, all you need is a pencil or pen and some paper.

How long would it take to design and build a car?

A Timeline of how long it would to take to design a car.

start-4 months - planning. Product planning/ marketing/ engineering go over the big picture

2-6 - Months - these are the prototypes you don't see on the road. Back & forth with different groups to get the rough idea down.

6-12 - Months - One maybe two phases of builds have gone through and the design has been refined. A lot of work has been done in cad/cae and it has to be verified for govt. regulations.

12-24 - Months design has been more or less finalized. First models are built which you see in magazines.

18-30 - Months tooling has been designed.
30-36 -Months the car has been design and put into the public.

Why do people design and build cars?

People design cars because it is a way important travel to the people. People design cars so people can use them to get to places they need to get to. Cars are used to get places like the grocery store and resturants. Cars are not the only way of travel there are also planes, trains, bikes, and motorcycles.

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