Curley's wife
Isolated-Envious-Not Confident

All i wanted was

to be famous

not marry a loser

live in a nice house


someone to love

But i didn't want

to be poor


to be told what to do

not stay home all day


Curley's wife lived with her mom. She was rude to people she new for a long time. She thought she was the best.

Curley's wife treats lennie nice when they first meet, but then she realizes he's dumb and treats him bad. She also treats crooks and candy like she's a bigger person than them and uses racism against crooks. It tells the reader that she's not a person you would want to interact with and she's hyprocrytical.

Curley's wife affects the plot because if she wasn't there lennie wouldn;t of killed her. Then Lennie wouldn't have to run away again. George wouldn't have to kill him.

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