Free Verse


Free Verse poems are poems that have virtually no limits or boundaries. They often tend to have no intentional rhyme scheme, meter, or any other poetic patterns. The form of poetry exploded in the mid 1950s and has been ever so popular since. Though, when compared to other forms of poetry it seems liberating with no patterns or anything whatsoever. I guess it's the reason why I think it's the greatest form of poetry.


Piano Music

Music rushes through the air.

It’s sound as sweet as candy.
Or as melancholy as the howling wind.
Or as happy as the birds.
It dances in my ears as my fingers glide over the keys.
The music gives me the feeling of warmth.
It’s as if the sun smiled at my music.
Then the finale.
Fingers rushing,
Music coming to a halt.
It’s done.
I smile to the world because I have the best feeling in my heart.
The feeling of joy and passion and love.

The best feeling in the world all from this perfect music.