Cuban Missile Crisis


Who: Soviet Union, their leader being Chairman Nikita Khrushchev, represents communism. United States, their leader being President John F. Kennedy, represents democrats. Cuba, their leader being Fidel Castro, represents communism.

What: An American spy plane flying over Cuba took pictures of long range Soviet missiles that could reach anywhere in the U.S. The U.S. opted to invade Cuba but JFK wanted to set up a naval blockade and quarantine them so nothing could get past and any offensive act by the Soviet Union would be an act of war. Two days later, the Soviet Union wouldn't back down so JFK thought they would have to invade. But the Soviet Union were secretly negotiating with the U.S. so they eventually reached an agreement; the Soviet would remove the missiles as long as the U.S. agreed to never raid Cuba again.

Where: Cuba, which is an island near Florida.

When: October 14, 1962 to October 28, 1962

Why: Before this happened, the U.S. attempted to overthrow Fidel Castro,who was the leader of Cuba,  and the. U.S. also installed nuclear missile sites in Turkey & Italy with the range to strike Moscow, the capital of the Soviet Union.

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