Daryiona Byrd

Women Concentration Capms

  • How the women their are sent to camps and have to work.The women were worked on and killed.They cut open their bells and took the babies out and killed the babies.They had to leave their kids just to work for Hitler.They also rapped  the women and when they got pregnant they were taken and cut open  and  died.

10  Facts

1. After training under Dorothea Binz (#1) she was to serve at Ravensbruck and Auschwitz-Birkenstock before being appointed senior supervisor at Bergen-Nelsen. Well known to have participated in the execution of prisoners.

2. Arriving only in 1944 Neudeck rose meteorically through the ranks, eventually being assigned the rank of camp leader at one of Ravensbruck’s sub camps. Noted for her cruelty one of her prisoners testified at her trial that they witnessed her slit the throat of another prisoner with the sharpened edge of a shovel. Following the war, she fled but was captured, tried and later executed for her crimes.Acher, executed for her crimes.

3.Mandela held positions at a variety of camps before she was named female commandant of the notorious Auschwitz-Birkenstock concentration camp. Having already honed her skills by meting out punishments at other camps, Mandela fell into step there quickly and is believed between 1942 and 1945 to have been directly responsible for the deaths of 500,000 prisoners. Sadistic by every measure during her time at Auschwitz, she is known to have selected Jews to serve as her “pet.” When she tired of them, she sent them off to the gas chambers. She is also known to have created the Women’s Orchestra of Auschwitz which performed during roll calls, executions, selections and transport. Following her trial, Mandela was executed for her crimes on January 24, 1948.

4. Orlowski worked at a veritable who’s who is Nazi concentration camps, developing a reputation for particular sadism at each. She was particularly well known for whipping prisoners across the eyes which was not only painful but also often rendered them unfit for work and caused their extermination. Another particular evil of Orlowski’s, was throwing the children on top of the other prisoners being sent to the gas chambers in a “space saving operation.”

5.A latecomer, Klaff had worked in a jam factory until she was assigned to Stutthoff in 1944 where she served until the end of the war in 1945. Arrested by Polish officials that same year she was tried and later executed for her crimes. It is interesting to note that she is quoted as saying, “I am very intelligent and very devoted to my work in the camps. I struck at least two prisoners every day.” Perhaps given that she said this at her trial she may have overstated her level of intelligence.

6. Beginning in 1942, Lächert developed a reputation for brutality during her service at Ravensbruck, Majdanek and Auschwitz. Following the war, she was sentenced to fifteen years for her service at Auschwitz, although she was released in 1956 having served only nine. Her freedom was fleeting however, because in 1975 she was tried for participation in the selection process, releasing her dog onto inmates and general abuse and sentenced to an additional twelve years.

7.Yet another nurse who apparently forgot the healing touch. After her conscription in 1942, Both served the majority of the war at the Shutoff camp near Dazing.




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